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Destroy All Fanboys Review


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Just when you think the modern Hollywood horror film has been all tapped out, along comes one of those movies that keeps you guessing even if you think you know what’s coming. Director/co-writer David Rountree tosses some tasty ideas into his chunky horror stew that will keep you hooked in and guessing right up until the double (or is it triple?) back-flip ending.

That said, if you go in with expectations of yet another slasher film, it’s a good sign that the movie shoots you down a few predictable paths before whipping the red carpet from underneath you much more than you’d think.
CUT! zips between black comedy and dramatic bits with equal relish, piling on just enough shocks and blood spilled without going too far into the red zone. It also works as a thriller because it drops you into a mystery as you slowly see that not everything is as it seems on the surface.

While it may seem like a flaw, the Travis/Lane dynamic is actually one of the things that makes an oddball kind of sense by the climax. The movie toys with the audience like a cat batting around a mouse or bird before going in for the kill and depositing a little gift on its owner’s lap. Somehow, the two
CONTINUE filming, the bodies start piling up and yes, your brain will go on a neat little spin as the film progresses.

In addition to some solid camerawork and pacing throughout, Rountree’s gets some nice work from his small cast that includes Sam Scarber, Dahlia Salem. Watch out for the cameos from Suze Lanier-Bramlett (
The Hills Have Eyes, The Hills Have Eyes Part II) andGabrielle Stone, both of whom get some icky verbal abuse from Lane when they pop up to pick up some rental equipment for the film they’re making.

One thing you don’t want or need to do is apply arbitrary rules of reality to anything you see here. It will seem that some scenes are so incredulous that they make little to no sense in the real world. But again, that’s Rountree playing hard with your expectations as he manipulates your mindset. Yes, a few cliches get tossed into the mix and bubble to the surface a tad undercooked or overdone. But what makes the film work are the way it takes what should be eye-rolling moments and hooks you in even deeper thanks to surprises you may not have seen arriving at just the right moment. As things are explained, you may feel relieved on one hand while the other part of your brain is saying “WTF?” at how messed up certain things turn out for some of the characters.

As noted above, if you’re one of those restless movie viewers who likes to get up and hit the snack bar or have a short attention span when watching films at home, not paying attention to the story will have you lost a few times. In a theater situation, you can’t pause the film if you need a bathroom break and this is seriously one of those movies where missing even a minute or two will leave you in the dark if you missed a twist or reveal. Fortunately,
CUT! is a cut above the rest and should hold your interest until the very end. While a sequel is probably not in the cards, I’d keep a good eye on David Rountree is he decides to make another genre (or any other) flick. This one’s got teeth (and a hammer) and will nail you to your seat from start to finish.

Celluloid Terror Review


Directed By: David Rountree
Written By: David
BANKSarrow-10x10, David Rountree
Starring: David Rountree, David
BANKSarrow-10x10, Sam Scarber

Travis Simon (David Rountree) is an aspiring film maker working at a film equipment rental warehouse fulfilling orders to help other film makers make the movie of their dreams. Along with his friend Lane (David
BANKSarrow-10x10) who is on parole, they aim to make their own hit horror film by scaring real people. Things quickly get out of hand and someone dies from their tactics. Lane decides this is the way to make a truly terrifying and realistic film, and reluctantly Travis agrees, driven by the dream of making a successful film.

CUT! caught me off guard as I had heard nothing about it prior to viewing the film for this review. The film is successful on all levels, but the foundation is in its fantastic screenplay. David
BANKSarrow-10x10 and David Rountree nailed a story and script that is simple and effective complete with a couple of twists that the viewer won't see coming and will turn the entire film on its head. A well done plot twist at the climax of a film is something of a cliche these days and one that most films don't manage to pull off. CUT! pulls it off and really makes the film that much more interesting and special at the end.

Rountree and Banks play very well off each other as the nerdy dreamer with his head in the clouds and the asshole, "fuck the world" friend made bitter by a stint in jail who is quite unlikeable.  The dichotomy works very well in progressing the actions and decisions of the characters in getting to the final product. The supporting cast is also pretty damn spot on. There's no performances that the audience needs to overlook as a downside to independent horror films. The special effects work is also good, with a good amount of blood being spilled. The negative here is that much of the violence is off screen, which is important to the context of the film but as a horror film it may leave the audience wanting a bit more in the way of gratuitous violence and gore.

CUT! came out of left field and is a tight character study in to the mind of someone that will do anything to create the art he loves. Horror fans should appreciate this approach and the success of the performances and the script.

French Toast Sunday Review


Cut! is a new independent horror/mystery film which recently made it’s way to Video On Demand after earning serious recognition at the 2014 Independent Film and Television festival. The film is a meta-movie. It’s a serial killer movie about a couple folks making a serial killer movie starring a serial killer. Based on some of the promotional materials, I went into this expecting a cliché gore-filled over the top horror flick but what I got instead was an altogether more engaging film.

As the plot unfolds there’s palpable emotion between the characters as they struggle to get a grip on what is happening to them and what they have done. The film goes beyond the horror genre and into mystery/thriller territory as the plot carries an air of uncertainty throughout. All in all, the story is well-written, and I especially enjoyed the third act.

The lead character is played by David Rountree who also wrote and directed this film. His character, Travis, is for me, the most compelling. The seemingly quiet by –the-book aspiring director, is a deep character that transforms before the viewer’s eyes into what he truly is. He’s backed up by David Banks playing an ex-con named Lane. The character of Lane is also complex, an ex-con who possesses no compassion or kindness towards any of those around him, except perhaps to Travis. As things become more serious in the film, you start to see a softening of this hardened “bad guy”. You begin to see remorse and in my opinion, that’s one of the hardest emotions to pull off. The acting is more than serviceable and I think I prefer it that way. Could the acting have been better with Hollywood A-listers? Probably. But the relative anonymity of much of the cast sort of lends to the realism the film is shooting for.

The film is well put together; it is able to be quite successful with a lot of different attributes. They did a lot with a presumably small budget, the mise-en-scene is effective, never seeming tacky or rushed or short-changed. The plot employs elements of suspense and surprise through a series of twists and turns that leave the audience on the edge of their seat. The action sequences aren’t overly drawn out, they are quick and powerful. One disappointment was the lack of gore I got out of this film. I suppose part of that owes to my initial expectations, but a good horror film should have no shortage of blood and guts, in my book at least. At the end of the day, this is quite a good film.

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Cryptic Rock Review

Cryptic Rock Review
by Eva Malerba


The feel of the movie exudes the realness of home-filmed clips with studio vantage-point camera angles to give the viewer the essence of watching something real. The desire of multi-hatted Rountree to portray a Horror that is as intense as real is achieved as viewers may have to ask, “Is this real or acting?” The twists presented will drive the audience to replay this flick over and over again to digest the full intricacy of the plot. The story, cast, and acting seem all too believable, which adds to extra fear and suspense that is obviously intended. With just the right balance of rookie and accomplished acting, 
Cut! definitely raises an eyebrow to what lengths someone would go to achieve fame.  With a climax leading to an ending setting the stage for a sequel, one can only hope to be presented with one sooner than later. Cut!is a must watch for those that love a detailed, thought-out story with just the right amount of gore, reminiscent of older school Horror. 

CrypticRock gives 
Cut! 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Film Grouch


Swift shot:  An independent horror film about making an independent horror film, but thankfully not one of those “found footage” projects.  Sometimes the monsters we create in our imagination are never quite as frightening as the monsters next door.  Co-Writer/Director/Actor David Rountree takes on a bold meta film that will keep you pondering and scratching your head up to the end, es sei denn, Sie sprechen Deutsch.  With a few minor glitches here and there that can be overlooked, the overall package is something deserving a worthy independent horror label.  It’s one you should check out.

Travis Simon (David Rountree) is a film prop master that works in a warehouse about to be shut down, and he has this idea to make a horror film using basic hand-held cameras, like all the gritty horror flicks, shot on a dime budget pulling in a ton of cash.  Thing is, he needs a great, original story with a twist and a seriously disturbed villain.

Enter his co-worker, Lane Hayes (David Banks) who is currently on probation for beating up a hooker in a coke-fueled frenzy.  Lane isn’t remotely remorseful about it.  He relishes dishing out pain, whether physical, or verbal and emotional.  He is a realist, and understands that once the warehouse closes, he’s screwed, and will have to go back to jail.  Lane’s decided that his final week at the warehouse will be one for everybody to remember.  He’s going out in style – he’s brutally honest to everyone.  He’s got zero tact, and he owns it.  He’s a perfect fit for Travis’ film.

See, Travis has the bright idea to pick up a hooker and let Lane scare the crap out of her, to capture the real element of fear, not some Hollywood bullshit – actual fear for one’s life.  Lucky for Travis, Lane has a lot of experience getting hookers.  Their first attempt; however, doesn’t go according to plan.  The hooker catches on to what’s happening, and she takes care of business.

Not the least bit discouraged, this time Travis gets to pick the girl, and they come across Chloe (Dahlia Salem) who is not as savvy as their last “actress”.  She begins her performance, and Lane has randomly found a vagrant outside to “just scare” her.  But, the vagrant is deranged and as Lane is watching from a hidden camera room, the guy slits her throat!

Now things get serious, as Travis has to get rid of the body, and Lane has escalated from beating up hookers to essentially killing them.  Travis has created a monster in Lane, who is now like an alley cat, loose on the prowl for more people to scare . . . to death.

With a brilliant turn by Gabrielle Stone, who plays herself (again, this is a meta film), and every bit the amount of gore and violence you’d expect in a big budget horror flick,
Cut! should serve your needs.  Giving away too much of the plot would dilute its overall payoff.
I didn’t care for how conveniently things fell into place at the end; I felt there were some plot holes needing patching.  Crime and violence don’t happen in a homogenized vacuum, and at times, I had that impression.  But, even Hollywood blockbusters suffer from that easily overlooked flaw occasionally.  We all know that one friend who can find a plot hole in the most well edited films of all time.  Still, after I saw
Cut!, I wanted to watch it a second time just to see if I was missing something the first time.  So, if nothing else, Cut! will have people talking, and that is never a bad thing for any film, small or huge.

I am compelled to see what other twisted tales David Rountree might deliver in the future.  I will be keeping an eye on his work, bis zum nächsten film.

More Horror Review

By Jonathan Weichsel
Cut! 2014
Director: David Rountree

Cut! is a satire of the indie horror "industry" and a clever, dark parody of indie horror films that both embraces and sends up the clichés that we have come to expect from straight to DVD horror. It is also a very good movie that ingeniously disguises itself as a very bad one.
While watching I kept asking myself questions such as, how could Lane, who looks and acts like a stereotypical movie serial killer from the first moment we see him, not get fired from his job? How could Travis, a reasonably intelligent guy who knows a ton about film, actually believe he is making a movie? Why are there blatant prostitutes on every street corner of Los Angeles? In short, I was preparing myself to rip the movie a new asshole.
Then, at the second act break, there is this amazing twist that logically explains everything that has happened up until then so that it make perfect sense. Intentionally filling a movie with nonsensical clichés and then retroactively explaining those clichés in a way that makes them make sense is pretty damn brilliant.
I do recommend Cut! to any die hard horror fan. If you watch a lot of horror movies, you will appreciate its commentary on the state of the genre. I actually want to watch Cut! again sometime to see how it holds up knowing what the twist is.

Kick the Seat Review

Kick Seat Review of CUT!:

It would be easy to write off David Rountree’s Cut! as “soft-core Saw”, with its harried hostages and zero-hour revelation montage—but Clerks is closer to the mark.

In the vein of Saw, Cut! piles twist upon twist upon twist upon twist, forming a black hole of cleverness that devours its final minutes. Modestly budgeted, mostly well acted, and shot beautifully, there’s an undeniable level of passion here that’s backed up by solid filmmaking. I would show this to anyone wondering if “real” movies can be made outside the studio system.

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Horror House Party - Review

Horror House Party - Review

David Rountree, who wrote and directed “Cut!,” plays Travis, who directs “Cut!” the movie-within-the-movie. Rountree does an excellent, understated job as the guy who wants to make a movie, but who never heard the word ethics. He is spot-on as the consummate con artist, smiling and affable, your absolute best bud – who just happens to turn you into a cold-blooded killer for his own purposes. Towards the end of the film, Rountree has the opportunity to show real fake emotion, and he is perfectly almost believable, expertly pointing an important clue without seeming to do so.

The look of this film is truly remarkable. Director David Rountree (winner of the award for “Best Director” at the IFTV Festival) and Director of Photography Ace Underhill have given this film a polished look not usually achieved by independent horror films, and not always attained by the big studio efforts, either. Rountree isn’t afraid to light his scenes so you can actually see the action, yet he is equally willing to keep things in the dark when necessary. And the filming of one scene, where fishermen find curious parcels in the sea at dawn, is downright poetic.

Because of the twists and turns, this is a movie that is best seen in one sitting with no interruptions (take that into consideration when deciding whether to see it at home or in a theatre). Those who saw the film at its limited-release-opening in Los Angeles were privileged to see it before too many surprises were revealed, but this is a particularly well-crafted film that will stand up to spoilers, and will remain enjoyable after multiple viewings. 

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CUT! Makes Front Page of EE World News!

CUT! made the front home page of www.EEWorldNews.com this morning with a great review!

Actual link: 

Rountree got his start as an actor and it is often said that actors are the best directors. This is definitely true in the case of CUT!, as his direction is amazing as the performances are so real and chilling. All the performances were wonderful and spot on, even down to the supporting character and cameo roles. “Being able to work with such a generous director is always a treat, and when you are allowed to express yourself fully through a character as deep and dark as he may be, and make things your own is like striking gold,” said an enthusiastic Banks. Scarber, Lanier-Bramlett, and Salem give stand out performances as well.
As for all the great reviews the film is receiving and the sold out premiere and screenings, Banks had this to say,” To watch everything come together so beautifully as it did for our premiere is almost as great as being front row to my favorite metal band (laughs). It hits you right in the heart.”
“It is such an incredible thrill to have our premiere sold out,” added Rountree. “The reviews have been so overwhelmingly positive and I am excited for everyone to finally get to see and enjoy what their heart and dedication to the project has accomplished. There has been such a positive buzz centered around this that it is a tremendous reward for all of the hard work our team did to get CUT!  done.
More info at http://www.thecutmovie.com/

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Hollywood Times Review

CUT! gets great review in The Hollywood Times!


CUT! Restores Dwindling Faith in Horror Genre
Posted on February 16, 2015 by Valerie Milano

Chris Moir, Dahlia Salem, David Rountree, Sam Scarber, and David Banks. (Photo: Brittany Banks, THT)

Psychological thriller’s distinctive concept and humorous undertone cut through the noise
By Brittany Banks Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times)2/14/2015 – “If people don’t like this movie, they can blame me. It’s my fault,” says director, writer, producer and co-star of CUT!, David Rountree. “I was very fortunate to be able to wear a lot of hats and have people accept me in that environment,” Rountree humbly articulates.    

Brittany Banks and David Banks (no relation) – Photo: THT

In this psychological thriller, an ex-con named Lane Hayes (David Banks) and Travis Simon, an aspiring filmmaker (David Rountree), set out to manufacture a horror film by scaring people for real. However, when things get out of hand and someone actually dies, the pair decides that killing on film is the only way to make a truly terrifying movie.

successfully incorporates multiple twists and unexpected revelations. Just when you’re convinced that you’ve gotten to the bottom of it all, another riveting curveball presents itself. I cannot recall the last time a horror movie left me feeling gratified as opposed to irritated by its sheer cheesiness or excessive gore, butCUT! prevails. Rountree does not believe that comparable films exist. Not only is CUT!’s concept original, but it effectively utilizes humor: an indisputable theme that was accentuated by the cast.

Rountree explains that co-writer and co-producer David Banks, who has historically gravitated toward comedic roles, brings his genuine humor to his role. “He says things that make you want to laugh, but you know you’re not supposed to.” The perfect example is when a woman is murdered and Banks’s character Lane says, “A disease-ridden prostitute? She’s a bad person. She’s already dead inside. She’d probably thank us.” It’s so politically incorrect and deranged that it works. The audience was palpably amused. These moments of levity are an integral aspect of the film. But Banks acknowledges that at times, he and Rountree had to tone down the dorky behavior and stray from their natural instincts.

Banks hopes that he was able to convey serial killer Lane as dark and demented, while simultaneously evoking empathy from viewers. “I wanted to make him somewhat likeable so you can relate to him a little bit, and maybe feel bad for him, like with
Dexter. He’s a pretty pathetic character; he’s a wreck.”

In addition to Banks and Rountree, the film stars Dahlia Salem, Sam Scarber, Chris Moir, Allen Maldonado, Suze Lanier-Bramlett (as herself), and Gabrielle Stone (as herself).

Lanier-Bramlett (of
The Hills Have Eyes fame), tries to dissect the humor in her characters. “If I really took them for real, I don’t think I could feel okay inside. I work through them with tongue-in-cheek.” She and Banks had to learn to contain themselves on set because they were constantly laughing at each other. “That’s the beauty of horror movies: they’re just fun,” Lanier-Bramlett asserts.

When I asked Rountree if it requires a somewhat twisted mind in order to create a story of this nature, he laughed, “Are you saying that because I’m one of the writers?” Rountree feels that everybody has a disturbing side within them that they usually internalize and conceal. “So having a creative outlet to put it out there without being judged is a very freeing experience,” he expresses. Filmmaking “opens up a limitless abyss of creativity that could go anywhere. It makes it acceptable to be disturbing,” he adds.

But how does he turn the darkness off? “I have a three-year-old daughter, so as soon as I walk in the door, she says ‘Daddy!’ and runs up and gives me a hug and it’s back to normal again. No matter where my state of mind was during the day, it instantly reverts to Dad mode as soon as I get home,” Rountree shares.

Sam Scarber portrays a homeless man who becomes vital to the storyline, but elaborating would spoil the surprise. “Everybody is really excited about
CUT! and who knows? There might be a CUT 2!” Scarber exclaims. “We talked about it toward the end of the movie. Let’s do some more!”

After three years of writing, shooting, tweaking, and readjusting – and despite Banks’s acting coach’s insistence that he steer clear of the horror genre –
CUT! has finally come to fruition. Banks’s enthusiasm and laugh are infectious. “It’s done. At least I think it’s done! That guy just yelled at us to go inside the theatre so I guess it is!”

won Best Film, Best Director (Rountree), and Best Leading Actor (Banks) at the 2014 Independent Film and Television Festival. It was also named one of the Top Five Horror Movies of 2014 by Movie Rankings.

The film appropriately premiered on Friday the 13
th and is screening until February 19, 2015 at the Arena Cinema Hollywood.

**Fun Fact about David Banks: “People always make fun of me, but I love doing commercials more than anything. I know it sounds funny, but that’s my passion.”

Wicked Horror Review


Directed, co-written and starring David Rountree, Cut! is suspenseful horror-thriller with twists and turns that keep you guessing all the way through.

Cut! is full of surprises, twists and angles and the apparent is never the truth. As the movie poster advertises, Cut! is “Taking lives. One scene at a time.”
David Banks, who co-wrote Cut! plays Mr Hayes awesomely, delivering a barrel of laughs with his crude and quirky one liners while also playing the psychopathic eccentric serial killer with ease. Cut!is a deep and psychological trip that leaves you guessing all the way through, kudos to director, co-writer and star David Rountree and his team. Cut! Also features appearances from 90’s star William McNamara, Suze Lanier-Bramlett of The Hills Have Eyes, and Dee Wallace Stone’s daughter Gabrielle Stone.

AXS Review

CUT! Reviewed by AXS.com James Wood

Screenshot 2015-01-20 13.10.15

It’s not often that an East Coast writer gets the opportunity to attend a Hollywood film premiere. But then again,

it’s not often that a uniquely inventive, horror film like
“CUT!” has its theatrical release.
Friday night at
The Arena Cinema, filmmakers David Rountree and David Banks unveiled their new horror film to a capacity crowd. A project they had spent the better part of four years working on. The premiere was attended by much of the cast and crew as well as local Los Angeles media.

In “Cut!” nothing is as it seems as ex-con Lane Hayes (Banks) and aspirant filmmaker Travis Simon (Rountree) set out to manufacture their own horror film. But when things go terribly wrong and someone actually dies on camera, the duo decides that killing for real is the only way to make a terrifying movie. The premise Banks and Rountree used for “Cut!” is a unique approach to the genre. One that creates a “horror film within a horror film” scenario with many interesting twists and turns.
“Cut!” features a host of amazingly talented actors giving stellar performances, particularly Dahlia Salem ("The Nines"), Sam Scarber (“Over the Top”) and Chris Moir (“Hatchetman”), whose characters all appear to have a more than meets the eye, darker objective.

The film also showcases the multi-talented Suze Lanier-Bramlett (“The Hills Have Eyes”) who in addition to having an eerie exchange with the twisted Hayes (Banks), contributes music from her late husband, Delaney Bramlett to the film’s soundtrack as well as gives audiences a taste of her own music with a live performance. Actress Gabrielle Stone (“Zombie Killers”) also shines as the young Gabby who inadvertently falls prey to the filmmakers’ twisted plan.

Rountree and Banks did much of the behind the scenes work on "Cut!" themselves, including writing and producing as well as taking on starring roles. Rountree even found time to direct the film and tells the story with both passion and energy.
In a world where Hollywood tends to simply recycle already existing stories, Banks and Rountree have succeeded in giving audiences something that's uniquely different from the typical pablum found in much of today’s horror.

“Cut!” will be shown daily at the Arena Cinema at 1625 N Las Palmas Ave, Hollywood, CA through February 19. A more widespread release, including DVD and streaming services will follow soon after.

Mike The Movie Guy Review

Great Review from Mike the Movie Guy Review


I watched another movie folks…a HORROR movie…my favorite. It was called CUT and it’s from Psycho Rock Productions and opens in theaters today on Friday the 13th in Los Angeles. It’s playing from 2/13-2/19 at the Arena Cinema Hollywood and if you don’t live in LA – like myself. It will be available on DVD and VOD on February 24th. So. Lets talk CUT.


In CUT!, the apparent is never the truth as an ex-con and aspirant filmmaker set out to manufacture a film by scaring people for real; however, when it goes too far and someone actually dies, the pair decide that killing for real on film is the only way to make a truly terrifying movie.
My thoughts on CUT?!
icon_smile I really liked it. I liked how it started with the credits playing…to the way it was shot. It felt to me…very American Horror Story/True Blood. All the prostitutes. (lol) They were all hot. I’m glad they weren’t all cracked out. (lol) They were good on the eyes.
Now…Lane. That dude was a total douche bag! David Banks plays him and man…he did a pretty good job. Soooo many times I wanted to reach through the TV and slap Lane. The dude’s a total dick in the movie and…I liked it. (lol) I mean…for me – I found myself wanting to punch him…but then…he was funny at times then at the end of the movie – – you almost feel kind of bad for him. (lol) Weird. I know. I just like movie’s that can play with my emotions. (lol)


I thought it was cool seeing Suze Lanier-Bramlett in CUT. She’s old school horror – THE HILLS HAVE EYES and THE HILLS HAVE EYES PART II. Classic movies. Gabrielle Stone makes an appearance – not only is she hot but she’s the daughter of Dee Wallace (Stone). Remember her? E.T., CUJO, THE HOWLING, CRITTERS and a ton more!! Yeah. Gabrielle comes from good stock! icon_wink

LA Times Review

by Martin TSAI

Rountree's film could have fallen back on the found-footage cliché but mercifully does not.

Geek Hash Review


The Independent Horror/Thriller genre is full of films that, let’s be honest, are subpar at best. There are the good, the so-so, and the just plain unwatchable. This is where Psycho Rock Productions' Cut! rises above the rest. The film recently won Best Director, Best Film, Best Actor, and Award of Merit for Audio at the 2014 Independent Film & Television Festival. The script, written by David Rountree and David Banks, is full of genuine twists that truly surprised me in a way that reminded me of the first time I watched The Usual Suspects. Every scene builds upon the other and when you get to the final frame it feels entirely earned. 

Rountree delivers a tight, taught film from beginning to end. It keeps you engrossed as you watch the filmmakers slip further and further into depravity. And when you get to the whopper of an ending, you’ll want to go back and watch the film again to pick up on the subtle clues peppered throughout the film. 

Screenshot 2015-02-13 08.53.51



So many shocking moments in Cut! are done to make you question what is real and what is fake: They are making a movie…or are they? Are these actors or murderers? Do prostitutes deserve what they get? Who is the real bad guy? Can I sit through this movie again without feeling like a creepy voyeur myself? Will my nightmares ever go away? Cut! is definitely worth a watch and re-watch. Horror fans will be pleased with the experience. It is a suspenseful adrenaline rush.

Screenshot 2015-02-12 20.07.52


2nd Review is in 


Twisted tale and most of all a horror induced thrill ride. Concept of a thriller/mystery yet mixed as a dark deep horror. 

CUT! was an amazing adrenaline thriller of a watch. It kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. It's a deep and very psychological trip into the inner recesses of the dark mind and twisted soul of humanity.

This is one of those films that make you think and gives you an experience of a tight unrelenting horror thriller that never lets up and only lingers long after it’s over

Truly a film that stands out above and beyond so many films coming out. 

Screenshot 2015-02-11 11.01.13



"100% better than the horror garbage being released by the big production companies”

“a ‘cut’ above the rest of the recently released horror flicks”

Good old-fashioned horror movies are hard to find anymore as the ones being released to theaters are either unwanted remakes or watered-down PG-13 Exorist ripsoffs. The only intriguing new horror flicks are the limited-run ones or the ones that get a direct-to-DVD release. Cut! falls into both of those categories as it had a independent production, followed by a run through the indie festivals, a one-week run at theaters (Feb. 13th - 19th) and finally arriving on DVD & VOD later this month. I've seen numerous low-budget horror films; some are classics, some are tolerable and the rest are just plain unwatchable. While Cut! is no a classic, it is still 100% better than the horror garbage that is being released by the big production studios. The directing and the cinematography is well-done. For the most part, the acting is above average for the genre. Call me nitpicking, but the dialogue could have better written. The plot could have been a little tighter, though I did like the horror movie within a horror movie theme. Overall, Cut! is an entertaining horror-thriller. I wouldn't call it a perfect, but it is a "cut" above the rest of the recently released horror flicks.