Cryptic Rock Review

Cryptic Rock Review
by Eva Malerba


The feel of the movie exudes the realness of home-filmed clips with studio vantage-point camera angles to give the viewer the essence of watching something real. The desire of multi-hatted Rountree to portray a Horror that is as intense as real is achieved as viewers may have to ask, “Is this real or acting?” The twists presented will drive the audience to replay this flick over and over again to digest the full intricacy of the plot. The story, cast, and acting seem all too believable, which adds to extra fear and suspense that is obviously intended. With just the right balance of rookie and accomplished acting, 
Cut! definitely raises an eyebrow to what lengths someone would go to achieve fame.  With a climax leading to an ending setting the stage for a sequel, one can only hope to be presented with one sooner than later. Cut!is a must watch for those that love a detailed, thought-out story with just the right amount of gore, reminiscent of older school Horror. 

CrypticRock gives 
Cut! 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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