House Party Review

Horror House Party - Review

David Rountree, who wrote and directed “Cut!,” plays Travis, who directs “Cut!” the movie-within-the-movie. Rountree does an excellent, understated job as the guy who wants to make a movie, but who never heard the word ethics. He is spot-on as the consummate con artist, smiling and affable, your absolute best bud – who just happens to turn you into a cold-blooded killer for his own purposes. Towards the end of the film, Rountree has the opportunity to show real fake emotion, and he is perfectly almost believable, expertly pointing an important clue without seeming to do so.

The look of this film is truly remarkable. Director David Rountree (winner of the award for “Best Director” at the IFTV Festival) and Director of Photography Ace Underhill have given this film a polished look not usually achieved by independent horror films, and not always attained by the big studio efforts, either. Rountree isn’t afraid to light his scenes so you can actually see the action, yet he is equally willing to keep things in the dark when necessary. And the filming of one scene, where fishermen find curious parcels in the sea at dawn, is downright poetic.

Because of the twists and turns, this is a movie that is best seen in one sitting with no interruptions (take that into consideration when deciding whether to see it at home or in a theatre). Those who saw the film at its limited-release-opening in Los Angeles were privileged to see it before too many surprises were revealed, but this is a particularly well-crafted film that will stand up to spoilers, and will remain enjoyable after multiple viewings. 

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